Corfu Villa Maintenance provide a complete Corfu based Villa Maintenance service including personnel management for discerning property owners who demand 100% commitment and backup from a local professional company.

The Villa

The Villa

We are able to provide all of these services to our clients. If you require any form of supervision or maintenance for your properties, or need a central support team to manage a new or ongoing project on one of your villa properties we will be happy to quote and demonstrate our abilities. Please call us for more information.

  • Regular visits to your property
  • Problem solving of any local issues
  • Management of administration and bills
  • Liaison with security companies
  • Supervision of renovation/building work
  • Liaison with architects and local companies
  • Supervision of cleaners, gardeners, pool maintenance
  • Sourcing and management of regular maintenance teams
  • Regular updates,wherever you are in the world
  • The Pool

    The Pool

    Corfu Villa Maintenance provide a complete Corfu based Pool Construction service from initial concept and design through to completion of all facilities. We even fill the pool.

    At Corfu Villa Maintenance we provide only highly qualified professional people who are able to apply the highest standards of their profession to the design, installation and presentation of any type or size of pool.

    "It is never sensible to cut corners on the price of the installation of a pool. Why?, because if it requires a certain standard of workmanship and a minimum standard quality of materials to ensure your pool doesn't crack, or leak or actually become dangerous"

    If you want a troublefree and well built swimming pool then cost cannot be a factor in designing and building your pool. Don't go the cheap route on your pool. If you want it 'right first time' then choose Corfu Villa Maintenance.

    The Garden

    The Garden

    Corfu Villa Maintenance provide a complete Garden Maintenance service including personnel management for discerning property owners who demand 100% commitment and backup from a local professional company.

    Corfu Villa Maintenance provide full gardening facilities.

  • Design & Landscaping
  • Garden & Grounds Maintenance
  • Garden Clearances
  • Tree Pruning & Stump removal
  • Turfing of lawns with hardy grasses
  • Grass Cutting & Pruning

    Garden Maintenance
    Garden Maintenance

    Our ability to landscape your garden areas and then provide regular maintenance to keep it in good condition means we can assure you that your property will look at its optimim for visitors and customers throughout the summer season.

    In the winter our regular programme for planting, cleaning and general maintenance keeps the property looking lived in and active. Whether you just want a single contract visit or regular maintenance call us for an immediate site visit and quotation.

    Electrical Installation
    Electrical Installation

    All of our electricians are certified by the Greek authorities. As a result of this our work is carried out to the highest standard quickly, competently and within budget.

    If you want small or large jobs carried out we can do this either as part of an ongoing maintenance agreement or as a single service call. Either way you will receive our diligent attention and a competitive quotation.

    Plumbing Services
    Plumbing Services

    Our professional plumbing qualifications means we can tackle all kinds of work in the villa or outside in the pool area or pump room.

    We maintain a lot of properties across the Island and carry stocks of most fittings or access to a same day parts service.

    This means delays in repair are kept to a minimum and our plumbing personnel can be on-site quickly and the work completed in shortest possible time.

    Painting & Decorating
    Painting & Decorating

    The sunny months are great but, bleach the paintwork, the winter months are cold and damp and mould can creep in as well as dirt from open fires, sombers etc., The general 'wear and tear' of a full season of visitors can quickly dilapidate a property.

    We will come in and completely decorate your property inside and out. All of our personnel are experienced with the building and decorating materials common to the Island and pay specific attention to the problem areas of your villa. We are competitively priced and pay attention to detail which means you get a great job done - every time.

    Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning

    Keeping cool in the oppressive heat of August is essential so why leave it until the last minute to check out your air conditioning unit.

    We provide installation of all types of units from small room to commercial sizes. We also can repair on and off-site and our maintenance services provide clients with an assured cool breeze at the flick of a switch. So, don't leave it until your hot and bothered. Give us a call today.

    Pool Maintenance
    Pool Maintenance

    Do you require personal poolside maintenance, or can we automate it for you?

    Our experience in the pool sector construction and installation sector means we have in-house skills and pool maintenance personnel who can carry out all levels of pool maintenance be it pump room management, repair, servicing right down to gutter and pool cleaning.


    Decorative Fencing
    Decorative Fencing

    We are able to design, build and install all types of fencing panels whether for security or decoration.
    Decorative panels as part of a garden display, or to provide privacy.

    We can also provide and install all types of palisade or wire security fencing.

    Composite Wood Decking
    Composite Wood Decking

    The XylTECH® boards are an alternative to wood and limit deforestation: composed of a high

    quality homogeneous mixture of wood fibres from the wood industry and of high density polymers, they are a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable product, and are therefore entirely ecological.

    These boards combine the aesthetics and the warmth of exotic wood with the durability and the easy maintenance of plastic materials

    Stone Slab Pathways
    Stone Slab Pathways

    We can work with you to design stone pathways that not only fit into the environment but also look natural.

    Whether you choose dry stone or mortared design we will ensure the finish is professional and long lasting.

    Building it properly is essential so get in touch today for a FREE no obligation discussion on design and cost.

    Dry Stone Walling
    Dry Stone Walling

    Our professional and talented artisans can craft a natural stone wall to any height or width without using any infill or mortar.

    These can include waterfalls, terraced gardens or other features.

    We have many examples that we can show you, but viewing the images on this website will show you how extensive our ranges are.

    Patio Areas
    Patio Areas

    Patios are one of the most popular additions to a property in Corfu. with over 300 days of sunshine every year it ensures that our lifestlye is predominantly outdoors. A Patio is the centre of home life here and we endeavour to make it a grand feature.

    If you would like us to quote for a patio area in your home, or require renovation or repair of an existing patio then call us for a FREE no obligation estimate.

    Solar Panels & Power Generators
    Solar Panels & Power Generators

    We are suppliers and installers of a wide range of solar panels for heating of water. These can be affixed to the roof or in a discreet place within the grounds.

    We are also able to supply and fit photo-voltaic systems for provision of electricity or petrol/diesel generators as well as automatic or manual isolator switches to provide for additional power during outages.

    Water Proofing & Sealing
    Water Proofing & Sealing

    Through Corfu Villa Maintenance partners we are able to provide specialists for water proofing and sealing of swimming pools, basements and tanks, all with 5 year warranties. We are also able to design and build green 'eco' roofs.

    We can provide support for damaged buildings, install clean and affordable drinking water tanks and are always available for special construction jobs. We also provide continued supply of water throughout summer months on ad-hoc or regular basis.



    Corfu villa maintenance provides a complete range of maintenance and detailing services from a personnel management for discerning property and yachting owners who demand 100% commitment and backup from a local professional company.

    With over than 7 years experience in the yachting industry and more than 16 years in the property and villa management in corfu we are able to offer you a full monitoring, management,supervision and maintenance services for your beloved belongings


    Whether you simply want us to keep an eye on your yacht in the Gouvia marina or you are looking to carry out extensive works, renovations or repairs or prepare your moorings, we can help you.

    You simply choose the services you require and either through our own staff or through subcontracting of specialist companies, we will make sure that the work is taken care of and finished to the professional standard that we know you would expect. If you are looking to improve quality services of your yacht or villa in corfu island Greece , please, fell free to contact

    The above sections are just a small selection of the services we can offer you. Whether your Villa is for your own use, or for renting out on/off season we can provide you with everything you require from a zero or low maintenance property to a fully stocked and activity filled home environment.

    Management Fees

    While you are away...

    Key Holding

    Monthly Charge


    Programmed Inspection Visits

    The inspection visit includes key holding, checking electricity and water, checking irrigation systems are working correctly, and reading meters. We also check your mailbox for bills.

    Monthly costs including VAT

    One visit per month 25.00
    Fortnightly Visits 45.00
    Weekly Visits 65.00

    Bill Handling

    Have your Electricity, Water or Telephone bills paid on time to avoid unnecessary disconnection, and reconnection fees. If there are any irregularities with bills that require further investigation at the DEH, OTE offices or at the appropriate town hall, then additional charges may be incurred.


    Collection and Payment of bills (from)


    *Bills will only be paid once we receive cleared funds into our account, or if we are already holding sufficient funds on account.

    Accepting Deliveries

    We can accept deliveries on your behalf. Goods and delivery charges must be paid for in advance, or you should provide us with sufficient funds and details. For furniture deliveries for example, it will be necessary for you to advise us where you would like the items to be placed.

    Cost per delivery

    Up to and including 1 hour waiting  20.00
    Additional waiting, charged per hour  10.00


    Preparing your Home prior to your arrival

    This will include turning on electricity & water. Turning on the external lighting and heating if required. Cleaning and mopping floors and balconies, dusting furniture and fittings, cleaning kitchen and bathrooms, cleaning windows and shutters, turning on the fridge and making up beds.

    Cost (per Instance)

    1 bed (approx 50 m2) (prices are from)  45.00
    2 bed (up to 80m2) (prices are from)  65.00
    3 bed (up to 100 m2) (prices are from)  85.00
    Larger properties (prices are from)  POA
    These prices are provided as a guide. For properties with large balconies and outside terraces, then the price may increase to reflect the extra work involved. Please contact us for a quote.


    Supervising the building of your home

    Flights can be expensive, so if you would like us to keep an eye on the progress of your building work, we can provide you with regular reports and photographs, and ensure that your wishes are being followed if you are unable to make regular visits to supervise work in person. Most builders are very proud of their work and are more than happy to co-operate with us if clients have asked us to work on their behalf.   Please ask us for a quote


    Builders Cleaning

    A 'Builders Clean' is a thorough initial cleaning of the property (inside and balconies) when the builders have finished. It includes removing grout paint and cement from tiles, paint from light switches and electrical sockets, removing packaging and stickers from kitchen units and bathroom fittings, removing pencil marks and sawdust from kitchen units and wardrobes. Cleaning of windows and shutters and removal of rubbish and packaging within reason. All floors will be mopped once they have been cleaned, and tiles and kitchen unit doors and wardrobes will be polished.

    Builders cleans should be carried out before furniture has been delivered to the house, villa or apartment. White goods will not cause a problem. Water and Electricity services must also be connected to enable us to work. Clients must be satisfied with their property and must have had the property handed over from the builder. Corfu Villa Maintenance will not accept responsibility if the builder returns to the property after cleaning to carry out additional work. Return visits as a result of extra work will incur additional charges. Please contact us for a quote.


    Obtaining Quotes and Overseeing Necessary Maintenance

    If necessary repairs are identified during inspection visits, you will be notified immediately and supplied with photographs. We can obtain competitive quotes and arrange to oversee any remedial work.


    from 25 Euro for obtaining quotes, plus cost of repairs

    from 15 Euro per hour for overseeing works


    Equipping your new home

    If you prefer to use your time in Corfu to enjoy your home, then why not ask us to do the shopping for you. We can equip your home with everything from teaspoons to outdoor furniture. All you need to do is provide us with your budget, shopping list and preferred colour scheme and tastes and we will provide you with a quotation.



    Our company has a public liability policy. As we are a registered company, if we are providing property inspections for your home, in the unfortunate event of a claim, our records are recognised by leading insurance companies.


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    About us


    Corfu Villa Maintenance are your all-inclusive one-stop Solution Centre for your holiday villa or rental property.

    Sometimes you need a phone number to call.....

    ..... Sometimes you just need Corfu Villa Maintenance.

    We provide a complete service no matter how complex or occasional your needs Corfu Villa Maintenance will meet them.

    We monitor all our properties on a daily basis resolving small emergencies, taking care of long-term maintenance.

    Projects like swimming pool design and build, extensions or renovations, driveways, plumbing or electrical rewiring, decking or patio laying just to name a few of our services. Call us we can provide one-off or ongoing maintenance including Emergency callouts.

    As a professional and fully registered Property Management Company, we are here not just to take care of your holiday home, but also to take care of your investment.

    Why do you need a property Management Company?
    You wouldn’t leave your main home unattended for months at a time and the same applies to your home in Corfu.

    When you arrive in your summer house do you really want to start cleaning or would you prefer to arrive to a clean and welcoming environment, ready for you to relax in straight away. If you are renting your holiday home, then you might need someone on hand to ensure that your guests are receiving the very best service.

    In the event of an emergency, we have a senior member of staff on call at all times, day or night.

    There are a number of people owning properties overseas who simply choose to use a neighbour, or a friend close by take care of their holiday homes and changeovers.

    There is nothing wrong with this approach until something goes wrong at your property, then you may lose a customer, a friend, a good neighbour, a large amount of money, or worse, a combination of all of them.

    Treat your investment as a business, because that is what it is.


    • Corfu Villa Maintenance has been doing work for me for several years and we have found the company to be very honest in their approach to work. They are punctual with appointments, always answer to phone calls and always make contact with us as a follow up to work completed, making sure all is well. A very rare approach in Corfu. We are very grateful for Yiannis (the owner) help and his professionalism and most of all his friendship and honesty, I would recommend Mr Yiannis Dervisis for his services to anyone.

      Alan McCormick.

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